His Story: One Look

Just as he walked out of the door, she comes in. He eyes wandered towards him for a moment before looking on forward. Seemingly eager to ignore his very existence. He continued walking towards his friends and was soon enough surrounded in laughter and jokes. From inside the room, he could hear her distinct laughter. He’d smile to himself and think bitterly, ‘what should’ve been mine‘. She’d waltz out of the room together with a friend to share stories with. To share her laughter with. And once again, he’d think to himself, ‘that should’ve been me‘.

The ‘should haves’ and ‘would haves’ were his deepest regrets. All this time they both knew of the truth. Sooner or later, something out of hand was bound to happen. Someone was bound to let go. They were both bound to hurt.

And now here he was, watching her from afar. His eyes would unknowingly seek for her. He’d find her in the middle of a crowd and he’d recognize her even from a distance. When they’d pass by, he’d ache to say just a single ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ to her. His heart would twinge and he’d feel weak inside. But why was he still holding on unto something so futile? What was he holding on to? What made him hope so much? It was all because of that one look she sent him. Maybe it was because of that. Because that look seemed to tell him, ‘please, don’t let go.’


I managed to dig this baby up in my facebook account. I wrote this around 3 years ago and I just left it unedited for old time’s sake. It’s accompaniment: Her Story: One Word