Of Rationality and Convenience

As a practical and logical person, I’ve always been the type to view things in such manners. I’m practical in my decisions, and though I seem to make a reckless, impulsive move I still manage to stand back up. Because in reality it had never been reckless in my part. I’ve thought of possible back-up plans to fall back to. But there would always be an exception, right?


Why? Because it simply contradicts what I believe in.

I encounter various types of couples everyday. My friends, my relatives, those from the books that I read, from the shows that I watch. They all depict the irrationality and the inconvenience that this ‘love’ possesses. And yet I they all have the same reason, no matter what it has the same message but with different wordings:

It doesn’t matter as long as you love the person.’

 This line and these people taught me two things about this messed up thing called ‘love’

Love isn’t rational.
It makes you do things that you would never expect yourself to do. I’ve seen my friends, some strangers even, or siblings become irrational because of their significant others. One look at them and I tell myself ‘I do not want to end up like that.‘ They can’t tell me reasons as to why they do what they do. They find it hard to explain their actions. And to me, that’s terrifying. I’ve always had my reasons. I keep tabs on my emotions when I do something even if it’s for the significant other because I fear of losing myself.

Love isn’t convenient.
If anything, it comes at the most inconvenient time. It messes up with your schedule. And a messed up schedule just doesn’t go well with me all the time. I can be flexible with my plans but it just sometimes leave a bad taste in my mouth. It messes up with your priorities. I’ve heard of people transferring schools or taking up majors simply because their significant other is there too. I will be honest and blunt here but what the actual fuck? Seriously? Sorry, I’m not sorry and I know that it’s your life, so those are all of your choices. But the mere thought of it gives me goosebumps. People who are so willing to risk their future for this significant other leaves me mystified.

Of course, these are all from my point of view.