Of Relationships and Distance


It’s a scary thought once you’re in a relationship. The thought of your partner being miles and miles — even timezones — away from you is heartbreaking. There are sayings about distance, and the two of which with situations that I can easily pick off my brain are:

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

This is for the couple who — despite the distance — still remain loyal to each other. I say loyal because let’s face it, there would be times wherein you’re just in the verge of giving up and you just want to throw everything away. One day, you’d find yourself looking at other men/women thinking of “What if…”. Then you’d go home, drained and exhausted. You turn on your Skype or FaceTime and then you’re reminded of just why you even managed to hold on despite the distance. One text, one call, one message, and suddenly, everything makes sense to you. Whatever has transgressed during the day will all be in the past because the one reason why you held on for so long would be there in front of you. Because your heart’s loyalty overrides the unconsciousness’ promiscuity.

Out of sight, out of mind.

This is for the couples who can’t stand being away from each other and they’d find another company instead. It may be a mutual decision, it may not be so too. But what’s clear is that when your partner is away, you just can’t help but find yourself eyeing — or maybe even flirting with — another person. This kind of “arrangement” (if you could call it as such) is usually common to those who aren’t used to the absence of their partners. It’s either that or they just can’t stand being alone. Physically speaking. These would usually involve flirting episodes, just enough to let someone know you’re interested in them but are not serious enough to be committed with them because like it or not, you are already committed. But when your partner’s back in town, that connection is over. In a way, you’re just using someone to fill in the empty space that your partner left you with when he/she left.

These two situations are quite common, yes. But then again, there is also another situation which is also probably happened to some couples.

So, I guess this is me…

…saying good-bye. Buckets of ice cold water poured down on you. Shattered dreams. You’re losing ground. You’re drifting apart. Sometimes, distance just can’t handle it. There’ll be a time when the communication just isn’t enough to appease your wants and needs. But there are also situations wherein the couples would decide to hold off their relationship. They’d go on with their lives without their ex-partners. Try to see if there’s someone else out there for them. Some would probably say that they’re immature for letting go of what they already had. But maybe it’s also a way for them to see the possible chances that they’re missing out on.


If possible, I’d want to personally hear from you on what your thoughts are on LDRs, if you’re in one, I’d like to know of your situation too. I personally have a couple of friends who are in LDRs and I’m glad to say that they’re all going strong 🙂
And also, I don’t really like what I’ve written much.. it’s like something’s just not there. And, I’m writing this while I’m feeling kind of out-of-there, so forgive this sloppily written post. I’ll edit this someday.