Her Story: One Word

She was just another girl waiting for the day to end. Wanting to close her eyes and just to let the day quickly pass by. Staring up at the ceiling in the dark room waiting for the dreamworld to engulf her in its silliness and atrociousness. Just one second, just one blink and everything came back to her like a big wave. What she tried to hide. What she tried to forget. What she tried to throw away. All of it seemed to happen only yesterday.

Only yesterday when he held her hand. Him looking down at her with a soft smile. Him pulling her up just when everything seemed down. When they’d chat endlessly about random stuff until the sleep would seem just another necessity. When they had the world all to themselves. When they still had words to say. Words to hear. Words to speak. When all it mattered was just them and not what others thought. When those small smiles would make her heart flutter and small hellos would mean the world. When the shared laughter would be a memory and when love quotes were what connected them. They were immature and happy. They were foolish and eccentric. But that was their world and that was them.

That was the past‘ she thought. The past she treasured so much. Too much.The past she’d been holding on for all this time. The past she’d been willing to risk everything for. He wasn’t the first in her heart – she knew she wasn’t the first in his heart too – but he was the first one to make her shed tears. Though it had hurt, she still managed to laugh around him for days when every single second, she felt her heart tear apart into shreds. But it didn’t last long. She didn’t expect it to happen. But that was what she loved about him, he managed to make her unbelievable world believable.

This was their past the past she still held on to. Unconsciously. Surprisingly. Unexpectedly. Because just when she thought it was easy to let go of the past, one smile could make her fall down on her knees. Because all this time…. one word… just one word could’ve changed everything. One word they both failed to say. One word which her heart is screaming out. One word which still made tears fall down her cheeks. Just one single word which she wished to hear…



I managed to dig this baby up in my facebook account. I wrote this around 3 years ago and I just left it unedited for old time’s sake. It’s accompaniment: His Story: One Look