Hard Earned Lesson

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, you’re standing on the sidewalk patiently waiting for a jeepney which would take you home. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, someone gropes you from behind. Seems like the best way to start your day, isn’t it?

For one who took the “wiser” route, it seemed like it was all in vain. After a night of drinking, going home late at night when your house is about an hour away — and what’s more is that you’re unfamiliar to the place — seemed like asking for unwanted trouble. Sleeping over seemed like the better choice since it’s obviously safer to go home at 9am. Morning came, and just like any normal human, you seem lenient since the sun’s up high, people are bustling around, and no one seemed to alert your “6th Sense”. Who’d think of doing anything stupid and careless, right?

But then, it happened, someone groped you from behind. And since your brain’s still slow in processing with what just happened, all you managed to do is thwart the offending hand away and scream in frustration, “What the fuck?!” You turn around, expecting to see the stereotype male leecher whose appearance seemed to have seen better days but instead, you see a woman who’s roughly 60-70 years old calmly walking away without even batting an eye and there’s no one else around but her. 

Couple days later, you’re in a jeepney going home. Passengers get in, seat themselves and a guy with a big bag decides to sit beside you. Okay, no problem there. Minutes later, you can feel something poking your chest. You look down and see the hand of the man beside you hidden inconspicuously behind his enormous bag. Not wanting to be scandalous or just simply avoiding trouble, you adjust your arm so that it’s cover your chest area better. The man didn’t even look like a leecher. He looked smart with his finely pressed suit and slacks and he seemed to scream BUSINESS!

Point is, trouble — and in this case perverts — comes in all shapes and sizes. They’re more than just the stereotypes that we know of. I, for one, learned that the hard way. Those relatively brief moments were frankly more than enough.

Just because they look smart in their suit and tie doesn’t mean that they can’t be perverts.Just because it’s a relatively old lady doesn’t mean that they can’t be perverts.
Just because someone looks suspicious doesn’t exactly mean that they are perverts.