Like a Moth to a Flame


She’ll attract you like a moth to the flame. Then, you’d get burned. But even with that burning sensation, you decide to stay.


Because it’s the pain that makes you feel alive. It’s the pain that makes you want to stay. You stay because you’d think that maybe — just maybe — the pain that you’ve cause yourself would be all worth it in the end.

She’s the challenge that you’ve been looking for. Before you’ve encountered her, your life was probably monotonous, dull… boring. It was probably a routine you wanted to break out of. Then she came. She became that challenge that’d give you the adrenaline rush that you badly needed. She became the challenge that you so loved to conquer. She became the challenge that you wanted to risk everything to.

You loved the challenge. The feeling of being acknowledged. The feeling that your existence wasn’t merely ignored. Someone actually took notice of you and you pushed yourself to your limits just to continue being acknowledged. Because only when you are acknowledged do you feel alive.

Then the pain became too much.

You gave it all you’ve got to her… or you thought you did, but either way, you’ve gotten tired of it all. You all up and leave, leaving it all behind as ashes to be caught in the wind. You want to stay away from the flame and go back to the dull life you once had. The life that you had before you found the challenge in her. But it’s too late. You’re all dried up. Singed to the bone. You feel drained after all those times that you chased after her. You forget just who you really once were before she came in to your life. Because when you walked away, you just became a hollow shell of what was once you.

You find caring hard… you want to stop caring. Then, you just don’t care at all. You become numb.

She’ll attract you like a moth to the flame. She’ll be the challenge that you wanted — that you needed. Then in the end, you’ll walk away losing everything you once had for yourself. All because you let your adrenaline take the best of you. All because of the flame that challenged the little moth in you.


A/N: co-written with an awesome friend of mine who wants to stay anonymous, R.A.L. 😉