It’s when you see her from afar and you can just make out that subtle smile on her lips. It makes you want to smile too as you raise your arm and wave out to her. You hear them say her name and then they call her over. You feel the butterflies in your stomach.

It’s in the way she wears her clothes. Simple and neat. She doesn’t even seem to be trying so hard and yet she has your attention. Her laid-back attitude and her carefree aura makes you want to just stand beside her. Because even in the silence, you find her presence overwhelm you.

It’s in how her personality challenges you and keeps you on your feet. She’s the type of girl who won’t back down. She’s got her head held up high and her feet on the ground. She knows what she’s got and she knows of what she’s not. But all you see is her strong presence. The presence you so crave to be in.

It’s in how addictive she is that just scares you.