Trust Fall

A couple of years back, we had to do an activity. It was called the “Trust Fall”.

The mechanics are simple. You grab a partner, then decide which of you should fall or catch the other. If you’re the one falling, you were supposed to have your back facing the catcher, cross your arms on your chest, and let yourself fall. The catcher would simply make sure you don’t have an impromptu meeting with the floor.

It seemed so easy.

They told us that the same principle applied in the real world. Trust people enough that we are a hundred percent sure that they’d be there to catch us when we fall back.

They never told us that we also need to be strong enough to catch the burden. Because once a person falls back on you, you’re now carrying their burden too.

The catchers don’t tell you that just because they say they’re ready, it doesn’t exactly mean that they’re ready to actually catch you.
Sometimes when we fall, the one to catch us isn’t strong enough. You both then end up getting fall from the hurt.

And the ones that fall? Although they say that they’re ready to fall, it doesn’t exactly mean that they’re ready to actually fall.
They fear that they might be too heavy or that the catcher might be unable to carry their weight.

Some people fall back with their eyes open, not trusting the catcher enough even if the catcher is as ready as they can ever be.

Some people fall back with their eyes closed, trusting the catcher that they’d be ready even if they’re not.

In both scenarios, people get hurt.
The catcher will get hurt since the one falling didn’t trust them enough.
The one falling will get hurt since the catcher lied about being ready.

And in one way or another, we’ve been in both cases. Maybe it’s just a matter of luck. Some people are just lucky enough to fall with their eyes closed towards a catcher who’s ready for them.

And I’m probably one of the unlucky ones.


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