Her pretty face. Her cute doe eyes. Her messy, unkempt hair. Her witty remarks. Her unusual quirks. Her spontaneity with situations. It’ll all draw you in, and you can never back out. You’d love to tame her but you can’t. No one can.


That’s what she is. She’ll crawl through your veins, invade you without you knowing. She’ll slowly eat up what you kept dear and you wouldn’t even mind it. She’ll kill you slowly from the insides and you’ll love every second of it.

It’s what she does.

It’s what she is.

She’s poison, and you’re her victim.

It’ll be too late to get her out of your system. You’d have to cut yourself open and let yourself bleed. And the worst part?

You’ll never get rid of her entirely.


One thought on “Poison

  1. I aid the sun in passing the bitter days by only appearing at night and lingering in silence. The moon is no bigger than sol. Let not the dark skies remind thee of I. You only took me for a walk and it wasn’t a long one but it’s nothing the brightest star can’t take.

    last few words.

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