Her pretty face. Her cute doe eyes. Her messy, unkempt hair. Her witty remarks. Her unusual quirks. Her spontaneity with situations. It’ll all draw you in, and you can never back out. You’d love to tame her but you can’t. No one can.


That’s what she is. She’ll crawl through your veins, invade you without you knowing. She’ll slowly eat up what you kept dear and you wouldn’t even mind it. She’ll kill you slowly from the insides and you’ll love every second of it.

It’s what she does.

It’s what she is.

She’s poison, and you’re her victim.

It’ll be too late to get her out of your system. You’d have to cut yourself open and let yourself bleed. And the worst part?

You’ll never get rid of her entirely.


A Broken Promise

A broken promise.

That’s what this is. Though we promised ourselves to each other, we just can’t be together. Obligations and responsibilities stand in the way and I just can’t ignore it. But I believed that it would be the best for us. For you.

It’ll always hurt to see you with her. I won’t deny that. I’m no hypocrite where my emotions lie and I certainly know the feeling of hurt when I feel it. Maybe it’s because I didn’t expect for it to happen or maybe because I was still caught up in our fairytale then. But either way, our fairytale’s over and we just can’t bring it back anymore.

I love you.

I always had.

I always will.

Because no matter how hard I tell myself to stop loving you, I just know that deep down no matter how wrong it is for me to still love you despite our circumstances, it just still feels so right. It feels so right that it hurts.

You didn’t even know the real reason why I went away, and thinking about it now, you never have to. Because as long as you’re happy then, so am I. I won’t get in the way of your happiness.

I’d rather be the one hurting, loving you from afar than for it to be you. You don’t have to know the truth.

All you have to know that I’ve broken a promise.


It was a spur of the moment thing. This is based on the alternative ending of a fanfic that I’ve read entitled A Few Angry Words
The alternative ending can be found in chapter 43 and it‘s just so painful to read that chapter. And since I’m one for angst, I thought that it might be not a bad idea to write something in Hinata’s POV or just her thoughts for that matter seeing that I haven’t written fiction for years now.

I decided to not really delve in on specifics. I wanted to keep this generalized so that it may also stand independently from the aforementioned fanfic. I wanted to think of this as a letter for Naruto never meant to be read by him. Just Hinata’s little secret.