If I Could Give You the Gift of Time

ImageIf I were to give you any gift at all, I would give you the gift of time.

Time is a fickle thing. One moment it’s there; the next it’s gone.

I would give you the gift of time. As time passes by, it can either strengthen or weaken your beliefs. It may make you forge new ones or even lose some. You will learn to stand firm and true to your beliefs. Because a man who doesn’t have his own set of beliefs can be easily uprooted in this harsh reality we call life.

I would give you the gift of time. As time passes by, you will form strong friendships. New friends will find you and the old ones will learn to cherish you. Some may stay and some may go but each one of them will teach you a valuable lesson. No matter how long or short the stay, the footprints left won’t fade away. Because only a fool would lose someone without learning something valuable in return.

I would give you the gift of time. As time passes by, you will value your health more and more. We’re not getting any younger nor are we getting a new body to replace our sickly ones. Don’t let your health deteriorate away with time. Take good care of it because our bodies are our temporary houses is this world. Without our bodies, we’d be as pitiful as an astronaut going to space without his suit.

I would give you the gift of time. As time passes by, you will need to bend along with the wind. Standing firm and proud may be good, but doing so all the time isn’t healthy. The immovable, big oak tree will fight and fall against a strong wind but the flexible reeds will let itself be carried along by the wind — unharmed and humbled.

I would give you the gift of time. As time passes by, you will be a leader — a force to be reckoned with. You will have to make decisions on your own, and only then will you realize that you can’t please everybody. Sacrifices are meant to be made in order to get things done as they should be. Compromises may happen but it’d usually only lead you to half-baked goods. You will someday learn that in the end, no matter how many people may have a say in your life, at the end of the day, the final decision is for you to make.

I would give you the gift of time if I can but I can only manage to give you my time. It may not be as priceless or as valuable as time itself but I’m only human. Time is too complex for me to wrap, too big for me to hold on to, and too infinite for me to keep.

Time is a fickle thing. One moment it’s there; the next it’s gone.


Blind Trust

Blind trust, narrow-mindedness, and stubbornness.

These are scary qualities to be put together. Such a shame that I’d have to witness the union of these three qualities in one person who was supposed to lead me towards having a bright future. It’s a scary thought having to trust your future upon someone who’s so willing to put aside the quality education that you were supposed to receive just because she has put her trust in her alma mater.

It’s disappointing, moreso, if such person is your parent.

You practically can’t say anything to challenge them since you are at the receiving end. Beggars can’t be choosers as they say. We can’t afford to look ungrateful no matter how unhappy we are with our current situation.

Blind trust shouldn’t hinder a child from receiving quality education.


Old Scars

ImageQuality over quantity.

It’s what they always say, isn’t it? It’s what they’d usually tell you when it comes to buying clothes, shoes, gadgets, furniture, and most especially when it comes to FRIENDS.

I’m quite touchy when it comes to this subject since I, for one, am not that sociable. Though I do seem to be approachable, I am quite picky when it comes to friends. And tell you what, it’ll probably happen to you too if you’ve had a first-hand experience of rejection and betrayal. It will sting at first. Believe me, it will hurt like hell. But time goes on and wounds turn into ugly scars which will forever remind you of the one event which would probably be the catalyst of change.

I have that scar.

It’s big. 

It’s hard to ignore.

It’s something that I’ve lived with for about 3 years now.

And just when I thought that things would be different, life had a funny way of reminding me that some people were just meant to teach me a hard lesson, then leave me behind — hanging on thin air.

Life’s a bitch.

I don’t need people who can only remember me when they need me for something then ignore me for the rest of the duration. Sorry, but I am not expendable and I am quite sure, that I will undoubtedly be a better person than you people would ever be. I may not have a lot of friends but I do have a few who are true to me whom I cherish. I don’t need to have a lot of people to surround me just to be stuck in an illusion that they’re all my friends when in reality they’re just glad that I’m there when they need something from me.

No, I am better than that.

And I just sincerely hope that someday, you’d grow out of your devices and wake up. Realize just what you’ve been missing on. Not from me but from the world which you had closed off in favor of letting yourselves believe that the world does revolve around you.